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zoho books support

You’ll find the list of payment gateways that Once you have configured the integration, any new customer, vendor, or item you add will be updated via the sync that occurs once in every 2 hours after the initial sync. However, if you have chosen to sync transaction modules, transactions between both the apps will be synced instantly.

zoho books support

Receive payments for all the invoices online or manually mark them as paid. You can track all the payments received in different accounts and also record partial payments for invoices. Zoho Books can be integrated with various third-party apps as well as its own apps like Inventory, CRM, etc. You can also integrate Zoho Books with multiple payment gateways to receive payments from your customers. In Zoho Books, you can enter an opening stock for your items.

Create Item

Whenever you make sales or purchase transactions for items in Zoho Books, this stock gets auto-calculated accordingly. For example, let’s say you enter the opening stock for item A as 100. Then, you make an invoice for a customer by selling 70 units of Item A . You now decide to purchase 100 units of item A from your vendor and create a bill for the same. Now the stock will be increased to 130 (100+30). This is how inventory tracking works in Zoho Books.

You can buy 50 autoscans per month at R1200 billed annually. Announcements contain a link to the product updates that are made on a monthly basis and any other updates the Zoho Books team wants to inform their users. By submitting this form, you agree to the processing of personal data according to our Privacy Policy. In all these years, it’s our customers’ trust and goodwill that has helped us establish a strong position in the market.

Whom should I contact when I get a query in WePay integration? Zoho Books or WePay?

Zoho books provides a variety of options to personalize your organization. Choosing an accounting solution is a tough call.

Connect your sales and accounting platform with Zoho CRM integration. Next, you can map an item’s fields in Zoho Books with the right field in your Zoho CRM account. If you have certain fields in Zoho CRM that can’t be mapped to any of the default fields in Zoho Books, you will have to create custom fields in Zoho Books first. These custom fields will then be displayed when you map the fields. Now, login to the selected email account and click on the email with the subject WePay – Activate your account.

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Once you have completed all these steps, you can click Save and Sync to start the sync process. Click Save and Sync Later if you wish only to save your preferences now and sync them later. Click Save and Sync Later if you wish to only save your preferences now and sync them later. Integrate Zoho Books with Zoho CRM to bridge the gap between your sales and finance teams.

  • Pay your vendors by writing and printing out a check directly from Zoho Books, ensuring a secure form of payment.
  • Zoho Books is easy-to-use, accounting application designed for small businesses to manage their finances and stay on top of their cash flow.
  • Additionally, the Customer Approval allows you to get your time entries verified and approved by the clients you’re working for.
  • Next, you can map the fields in Zoho Books with the right field in your Zoho CRM organization.
  • However, it will be a one-way sync, which means that data will be fetched only from Zoho CRM into Zoho Books and not vice-versa.

Zendesk is a customer service software that facilitates quicker and easier interaction between businesses and their customers. It lets you prioritize, track, solve customer support queries, and collect customer data all from one place. Integrating Zoho Books with Zendesk will allow your customer support agent to access information of your Zoho Books customers.

For example, you can configure the Zobot to send help document links automatically if your customers ask for them. You or any of your support agents can accept the chat request to start assisting the customer. When you accept the chat request, you’ll be connected to the customer and can reply to their queries. As soon as your customer sends a message from the chat window in the Client Portal, you will be notified about it instantly in your connected Zoho SalesIQ portal.

To set up CSG Forte, click on the Gear icon on the top right hand side corner of the screen. Go to Online Payments and click the Setup Now button adjacent to CSG Forte logo. Enter the following information and click Save..

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