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Google Authenticator vs Authy: Which Is the Best 2FA App? Best Reviews

authy authenticator

Furthermore, Authy is the perfect solution for users who XLM change phones frequently or want to have the software synced on multiple devices. Since all information is encrypted, you can rest assured that nobody will be able to get their hands on your codes as they travel between the device and the cloud. People already using a password manager can also change to a provider that offers this feature, such as Enpass or 1Password.

Whether you use a device running on iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, or Windows, Authy works across all. In addition, this authenticator app works well on desktop and mobile devices. Setting up MFA usually involves scanning a QR code on the site with your phone’s authenticator app. Note that you can scan the code to more than one phone, if you want a backup. Financial sites usually give you account recovery codes as an additional backup. Save those account recovery codes somewhere safe, such as in a password manager.

Don’t take chances; safeguard your accounts now

At the end of this process, you will be able to reinstall Authy using your phone number. This process gets you back into your Authy account, but if you didn’t enable backups, you still won’t have your TOTP tokens. If the idea of manually entering a code every time you log in to a site sounds cumbersome, it is, but like typing in a username and password, it’s something you get used to. Within a couple of days, the process of opening an app to grab a code becomes second nature. LastPass Authenticator is separate from the LastPass password manager app, though it offers some synergy with the password manager. Installing LastPass Authenticator is a snap, and if you already have a LastPass account with MFA enabled, you can easily authorize LastPass by tapping a push notification.

Instead, it’s better to go for an authentication app such as Google Authenticator or Authy. Both support iOS and Android, and both get the job done, though in slightly different ways. It is critical that your authenticator app is protected with a pin or password to avoid situations where bad actors can easily access the app. To this measure, Authy uses a PIN and biometric authentication system to secure data from unauthorized use. This ensures that anyone without your Authy password or pin will not have access to the tokens generated from the app.

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authy authenticator

Haroun joined Android Police in 2021, reporting on the latest stories in the tech world. Since then, he’s gleefully covered everything from the most mundane Google Docs features to more mainstream Android and Chrome OS experiences, but he can’t seem to get enough. His curiosity is only limited by the gadgets he has to play with at any given time.

Using 2FA, or two-factor authentication, is probably the best and simplest way to maintain the security of your online accounts. In this piece, we go over the best 2FA apps, Authy and Authenticator, but also examine some hardware options, such as Yubikey and VeriMark. Once you’ve scanned the QR code and confirmed your password, tap Next in the Google app and enter the code Authy provided to finish the set-up process.

Is Authy better than Google?

Authy also encrypts all backups, ensuring your data is safe from hackers. In addition, if a user loses their device, cloud-based backups enable them to access their credentials safely on another device with ease. While Google Authenticator offers quality security, it misses out on this important security feature.

So, you do not need to add custom configurations for every entry you add. Authy and Microsoft Authenticator offer Apple Watch apps, which makes using an authenticator app even more convenient. Google Authenticator and LastPass don’t have Apple Watch apps. With about 100 million of these WatchOS devices in use, it’s a convenience that quite a few folks can take advantage of. Something to look for when choosing an authenticator app is whether it backs up the account info in case you no longer have the same phone where you originally set it up. Authy, Duo Mobile, LastPass Authenticator, and Microsoft Authenticator offer this, while Google Authenticator does not.

Authy vs Google Authenticator: Two-factor authenticator comparison

These backups make it possible to recover your tokens if you lose a phone or move to a new device. This way, you don’t have to manually scan new QR codes or enter backup codes to get into your accounts. However, the security experts we spoke with recommended against using cloud backups for two-factor authentication tokens.

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of protection for your 1Password account. When turned on, a second factor will be required to sign in to your account on a new device, in addition to your 1Password account password and Secret Key. It is a free and open-source app with essential features to add a variety of tokens and websites that support two-factor authentication.

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Something you know is a knowledge factor like your password or PIN. Something you have could be a physical device like a hardware token or your smartphone, where the time-based, one-time password will be sent to grant access. It’s always best to turn on 2FA if you can, so although there are vulnerabilities in 2FA apps and devices, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them. Cyber security is generally an odds game, so the harder you can make it for an attacker to hack your account, the less likely you’ll be to fall victim.

For example, LastPass Authenticator and Authy aren’t explicitly supported by as many sites and services. However, they still use TOTP, making them compatible with all services that support Google Authenticator. By spreading the risk across two factors, it’s much less likely that an attacker will be able to unlock one of your accounts. For example, if you have a compromised password in a data breach, the attacker won’t be able to unlock your account with your password alone. Instantly deliver a new, seamless experience for your user that adds context and confidence to their login.

How to use Google Authenticator or Authy to keep your accounts secure – Android Police

How to use Google Authenticator or Authy to keep your accounts secure.

Posted: Mon, 31 Oct 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

While the setup for Authy is similar to Google Authenticator’s, Authy backs up your codes to the cloud. When setting up Authy on additional devices, you sign in to your account, verify using 2FA, and your codes will be there. Small businesses often need to give employees access to critical systems, but allowing access to your sensitive information can be unsettling without additional security precautions. When employees install random or questionable software on their workstations or devices it can lead to clutter, malware infestations and lengthy support remediation. It looks like Coinbase is trying to protect their users a bit better.

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Raycast: The Free App That Every Mac Owner Should Install Now.

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Security experts recommend against this, and using the feature means you’re trading security for the convenience of being able to get back into your accounts even if you lose the backup codes. If you go the backup route, the best configuration for this setup is to have backups enabled with Authy installed on a secondary device but with multi-device disabled. You also need to pick a strong password you haven’t used for anything else.

  • But when I tried that code, nothing appeared on the screen.
  • For most sites, like Facebook or Google, you only have to scan a QR code with a phone, then type in a short number to get started.
  • Click Turn Off Two-Factor Authentication, then enter your account password.
  • If you want a new list of backup codes it’s the same process except you’ll click Regenerate Recovery Codes instead.

Rather, it’s meant to provide a layer of security to Windows devices and U2F-compatible apps. Although it’s becoming less common, security questions still show up as a strange form of 2FA. We always recommend lying on these questions, then jotting down your response in a password manager like 1Password . Between social media and other online services, it’s usually not hard for an attacker to figure out the answers to your security questions. Two-step verification systems aren’t built equally, and although it’s better to have 2FA than to not have it, some systems provide little to no extra security. Any two-step systems that use the same factor twice are problematic.

If you’re not using two-factor authorization to secure your accounts, you’re vulnerable to a virtual break-in. You get customization options and the ability to add a custom provider as per the support provided by the service. One can add a custom icon for the provider to help you distinguish between the authentication codes. The safety of these apps stems from the underlying principles and protocols rather than any implementation by the individual software makers. Safest of all are hardware security keys, like the YubiKey mentioned above.

authy authenticator

These keys produce codes that are transmitted via NFC, Bluetooth, or when you plug them in directly in to a USB port. Unlike smartphones, they have the advantage of being single-purpose and security-hardened devices. Though it’s unlikely, a malware-infested app running on your phone could intercept the authentication codes produced by a phone’s authenticator app. Security keys have no batteries, no moving parts, and are extremely durable—but they’re not as convenient to use as your phone. If you don’t have a password manager already, LastPass is the best option if you’re not interested in spending money.

This allows you to quickly find the account you’re looking for, copy the security token, and move on. The 2FA data synced with the Authy service cannot be accessed even if a hacker gets your username and password or SIM-swaps your phone number. You can reactivate multi-device, install Authy on a new device, and then deactivate it again if you need to install Authy on a new gadget. Next, a screen pop-ups for you to set up your backup password. This password is crucial if you lose your device or access to this Authy account. Without this password, you will NOT be able to recover your account.

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