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The best books about alcohol picked by 7,000+ authors

The book also contains valuable pointers that help beer lovers determine if suppliers are properly caring for the brews they distribute, all in an effort to help hopheads purchase smarter and get the most from every pour. Sober Stick Figure is a memoir from stand-up comedian Amber Tozer, chronicling her life as an alcoholic and her eventual recovery— starting with her first drink at the age of seven—all told with the help of childlike stick figures. Amber writes and illustrates the crazy and harsh truths of being raised by alcoholics, becoming one herself, stagnating in denial for years, and finally getting sober. Death & Co is the most important, influential, and oft-imitated bar to emerge from the contemporary craft cocktail movement.

  • It goes beyond Catherine’s drinking story to deep dive into escaping the alcohol-matrix and embracing a life of sober joy.
  • This book by Caroline Knapp was the first recovery memoir I ever read.
  • I was in Champagne this year to achieve a Vocational Bachelor’s Degree in International Trade of Wines and Spirits, and now in NYC to do an internship for an importer.
  • Check out her website at, and follow her on Twitter @jenniferbillock and Instagram @jenniferjoanbillock.
  • Through her methodical research of the latest neuroscience and her own journey, Annie Grace has cracked the code on habit change by addressing the specific ways habits form….
  • As a result, most treatment based on the disease model fails.
  • Pattyn is supposed to find salvation and redemption during her exile to the wilds of rural Nevada.

Allen Carr is the creator of best alcohol recovery booksway, one of the most successful tools to help people stop smoking. He uses the same strategies in his workbook to help people overcome the desire to drink without building up their willpower to a super-human level. When followed correctly, this unique method removes the desire to drink, giving the reader back control. Quit Drinking Without Willpower changes the narrative about quitting alcohol, which s why it deserves a spot on the list. Takes a groundbreaking look at America’s obsession with alcohol.

This Naked Mind: Nicotine

This is a glorious book that bears all the marks of a classic. The Oxford Companion to Beer is the first reference work to fully investigate the history and vast scope of beer, from the agricultural makeup…

I chose Patrick Hamilton because he hits, in particular, on the derangement of the city. His writing is like the hallucination or the delirium of an alcoholic dream, and sees London as a kind of nightmare. The newly updated edition of David Wondrich’s definitive guide to classic American cocktails.

The 10-Day Alcohol Detox Plan

Even though I’ve been sober for five years, I still fantasize about the ultimate break/nap—a total oblivion that will truly restore me to good health. I didn’t drink to get a buzz on; I drank for the restoration that I thought a deep blackout would give me. Moshfegh’s unnamed narrator seems to share that drive — and this novel is a languid, intoxicating, and extraordinarily vivid account of what it might look like to hunt for the perfect year-long nap.

  • You need to travel and discover the region by your eyes and senses not just in books or on the internet.
  • Moreso than a guide, this book will serve as an inspiration and an enjoyable read.
  • Open Book is Jessica Simpson using her voice, heart, soul, and humor to share things she’s never shared before.
  • It’s just an incredibly written, claustrophobic book that would be in my top…
  • To reflect all the changes in the global wine scene over the past six years, the Atlas has grown in size to 416 pages and 22 new maps have been added to the wealth of superb cartography in the book.
  • As the digital health editor at woman&home, I read plenty of quit lit and similar books – and there’s not one other like this out there.

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